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Conventions: Ready for More


Wednesday Evenings, 7:00 - 8:45 PM Eastern Time — Online!

July 7th: Two-Suited Bids, Part 1 (Michaels and Unusual 2NT)

July 14th: Two-Suited Bids, Part 2

July 21st: New Minor Forcing, Part 1

July 28th: New Minor Forcing, Part 2

Each 4-lesson series is $75. Or, sign up for all 12 classes for $175 (Select Conventions: Big Bundle in store)

We’ve decided to teach only two conventions per month. New conventions  are difficult to absorb immediately, and it’s a mistake to add too many at  once. So, in Week 1 of each topic, we will introduce you to the basics. In  Week 2, we’ll take you further with follow-up bids, situations where it may  or may not apply, and how it works over opponent interference.

Our lessons take place in the Shark Bridge Classroom, where you and your  partner will bid lots of hands together for practice! The focus will be on  bidding, but you’ll play a few hands as well. When it’s time to play, each  student will have their own table and be the Declarer. Then you’ll rejoin  your partner to bid the next deal. (We match up all singles in class.)

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