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Wilson's Way to Bidding a Bridge Hand


Start your morning with some coffee and a very special bridge lesson from NABC champion and ABTA master teacher, Kevin Wilson. Kevin has a specific way to approach a hand and will teach you his range-based method of choosing bids. This may be unlike anything you have heard before and this class will cover bids as opener and responder. You will get access four classes over consecutive weeks and a short write-up of examples afterwards. Video replays of the lessons will be available for you to review for one year after each lesson.


Wed May 19th from 9:00 AM EDT- 9:55 AM EDT (GMT -4.0)

My Traffic Light Approach to Bidding a Bridge Hand – Immediately upon sorting your cards, you put yourself into one of three categories. Then you choose bids which fit your category. You will learn about predicting the level of the contract (part-score, game, or slam) as quickly as possible.


Wed May 26th from 9:00 AM EDT- 9:55 AM EDT (GMT -4.0)

Opener’s Descriptive Rebids – This class focuses on opener’s rebids and quickly narrowing your high card point range as opener. Opener will learn to bid with a game forcing and game-invitational hand.


Wed June 2nd from 9:00 AM EDT – 9:55 AM EDT (GMT -4.0)

Responder’s Descriptive Rebids – Responder is the player responsible for setting the level of the contract in most bridge hands. Learn your choices based on your category and on opener’s rebids.


Wed June 9th from 9:00AM EDT- 9:55 AM EDT (GMT -4.0)

PDRs and Other Problems to Overcome – You will gain clarity about some bidding issues that you may never have thought about. Poorly Defined Rebids are a fact of bridge and you will understand how to overcome this common bidding problem.


One payment of $35 will get you access to all four lessons.

You will receive a confirmation email and instructions for day of the event access. I will need your name, email address, and BBO name to ensure your access to these special events. If you miss a lesson, a Zoom recording will be available.


Ways to pay:

Venmo - @Kevin-Wilson-498

Zelle- [email protected]

Paypal- Just click on add to cart below. Everytime you click add to cart, a class will be added to the cart. Remember to check to make sure the order is correct. Paypal account not needed. Credit cards accepted.


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