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Tuesdays 12 PM Mini-Lesson Variety Class


Add some fun to your day and bridge game with a very special series of bridge lessons from NABC champion and ABTA master teacher, Kevin Wilson. Through a focused, interactive discussion and presentation, you will learn new skills to enhance your bridge game. The lessons will be presented on BBO & Zoom. You will get access four classes over consecutive weeks and a short write-up of examples afterwards. If you miss a lesson, a Zoom recording will be available.

Tuesday November 17th from 12:00 PM EDT- 12:55 PM EDT                                           

Target Your Invitations – Learn to use your bidding space efficiently to let partner know which high cards you need, rather than just asking top or bottom of a high card point range.

Tuesday November 24th from 12:00 PM EDT- 12:55 PM EDT

Penalty Doubles- Clarify which doubles are for business and which are for other meanings, giving you confidence in knowing when to pass partner’s penalty doubles.

Tuesday December 1st  from 12:00 PM EDT- 12:55 PM EDT 

The Forcing Defense Highlights one of the five major types of defense and gives you the hallmarks and pitfalls so that you can recognize when to employ this devastating tactic.


Tuesday December 8th from 12:00 PM EDT- 12:55 PM EDT

Responder’s Dilemma – Examine a very common problem responder faces and determine how to solve the problem so that you can bid more accurately to part-scores and games.

I will provide instructions for access before the events!

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