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Lebensohl Over a Weak Two Doubled


When partner doubles the opponent's weak two bid, it creates a difficult situation for responder.  There isn't room available to show the three key HCP ranges needed to bid accurately. You need a way to show both 0-8 HCP and 7-11 HCP and there isn't room to do both.  Adopting this convention will solve this problem.  The use of a relay creates additional bidding space and allows users to differentiate between the two key ranges. 

Perhaps most importantly the seminar and notes discuss uses of relays to ask questions and relays to save bidding space.  The Lebensohl 2NT relay is a tremendous space saver and frequently doubles the amount of bidding space available to a partnership.  While this is its best application, it can also be used in other bidding situations.

You will receive the 16 page black and white note booklet that was distributed as part of the live seminar.

This item only ships to continental United States addresses . If you are outside of this area, contact me at: [email protected] to make other arrangements.

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