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 New Fall 2021 

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(All times USA Eastern Time)

Mondays 9 AM Beginning November 15th- Roman Key Card Blackwood

Wednesdays 9 AM Beginning November 17th - Wilson's Way to Defensive Bidding 

*Scroll down and click on a product to see a detailed description*

Ways to pay for CLASSES

Venmo- @Kevin-Wilson-498  *Look for the same cardshark emoji that is on upper left corner of this page to verify correct recipient*

Zelle- [email protected]

Paypal- Just click on the lessons icon below and add to your cart. Verify cart before payment. Paypal acccount not needed. Credit cards accepted.


Get More Enjoyment From Your Game

Learn the game through expert personal instruction from Kevin. With my time and products, you too can become a bridge pro, or at least become the shark in your game. Shop now!

Notes and Conventions are available in .PDF format. The PDF version can be printed immediately on your printer or easily viewed on any device.  Seminar notes can be mailed to you via US mail or emailed to you in a .PDF format.  You can save the postage and the trees by selecting a .PDF version.


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